Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day #222: Googling for Ass

I gotta tell you that having the word 'ASS' in the title of my blog has some interesting folks dropping by here.  From all over the world too!  It's kinda funny.

Somebody checked in from Riyadh by searching for "sexy tight ass".

Another cat checked in from Australia looking for "ass fuck."  (When I saw that I was like, "Damn.")

Beverly Hills, California searched for "cum ass".  Actually he came back two more times Googling the same thing?

Then Ohio checked in by searching for "woman broke her ass."

Korea said hello to my blog by seaching for "white women ass".

Then Ghana came by from searching for "Phat Booty Ass."
I see Ghana was keeping it hood!!!!  He didn't want a ol' regular booty, he wanted to see a P-H-A-T booty okay?

Oh I could go on and on.  There are many more variations of ass searches that end up this blog.  I doubt that they read the blog, as I am sure this was not quite what they were looking for.  It just goes to show you that there is a global fascination with azz; WE JUST CAN'T STOP IT.  Yo, there are nasty asses all over this world.  I bet those countries where all the ladies are covered up are full of nasty freaks! 

But what's hilarious is that out of all the ass and porn sites in the world, Google directs them here?  And now because this post has the word 'ass' in it so many times, lawd knows what the next person will Google to get here. 

Oooh, I can't wait.

*rolls eyes*

(I will insert a pic of ass when I get home from work)

Much later I'm back here checking in:

(Okay, here is that pic.  And to my funny commenter, I wish I could put a shot of my ass on this here blog, but my booty ain't that internet worthy.)

Yeah, I'll admit it.  She got a nice booty.  Damn I wish mine looked more like that! 
Ain't gonna even lie.


  1. Will it be a pic of your ass ;) I hope so ..

  2. ROTFLMAO @ the post and I like the new layout!!!

  3. @ Anonymous...That was cute. LOL.

    @ Sassyme...thanks. I am still trying to figure out how these other bloggers are jazzing up their blogs? I guess this was a start.

  4. Yeah, I would like a more bootylicious booty too, but look at her thighs,they will get HUGE!!! if she doesn't keep them up. I guess I will keep my nice legs and boobs and let her have the butt! It seems that unless you are willing to get implants, you can't have it all.

  5. Yeah her thighs are huge aren't they? But the rest of the ass shots I searched were just 'eewww'.

    At least her booty looks in shape and smoove. Mine doesn't have to be real big or anything, but I'll take the smooveness in a second.

  6. See I told you the female ass is a world wide phenom - overnight even white women now days have round booty's or want to, when I grew up they all looked flat:) I don't know how that happened!!!
    PS: Your readers should be the judge if it's "internet" worthy :) Put it out there!!

    As I mentioned when I first commented on your blog - it has a certain flavor that provokes some thought and therefore interest. It's starting to BLOW UP!!!!!

  7. Hey jb,

    I don't know about blowing up...LOL. I wish. My blog is shameful compared to others - I have to send you an email on a few that I check in on now and then. There are some great writers and thinkers out there in BlogLand. Some people come on a leave in a heartbeat. Haha. I think it's people from NJ.com sometimes. They run away from here so fast!!!

  8. Yeah I look around often but the majority are either mindlessly nasty, fake gangster, gossipy, or cerebral to a fault. Yours is a blend but the secret ingredient is your self deprecating honesty. I like it it's refreshing! You don't use it to hide behind or as a cheap joke it's just real and honest.
    Believe me it's just a matter of time while it continues to grow and while you continue to hone your craft.