Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Somebody F*ckd Up My New Ride

The bankruptcy has been final only 30 days, and I've been getting letters from finance companies asking me already if I want to buy a new car.  They don't waste any time do they?   I bought a 2010 Camaro right before I filed and before my credit tanked so I'm good on the car thing.  Or at least I thought I was good.

I guess I forgot to factor in the HATERS in my neighborhood.

On the morning of New Year's Eve I went out to move the car for the street sweeper and saw that some azzhole or azzholes took a marker and drew all over it, rolled around on the hood, and then keyed the hood up.  I had the car for 45 days.  It had like 1200 miles on it and it was already f*ckd up before I even had the chance to dent it up my damn self.  ARGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!  And no I didn't do anything to anybody.  People always say that.  No dammit, I didn't do shyt to nobody.

It's a damn shame.  I mean why do people do this shyt is beyond me.  F*cked up a $25,000 car for what reason?  When I saw the damage I stood in the falling snow and cried and cried.  The car was my birthday present to myself.  I couldn't believe it cuz I sure did not do anything to anybody.  In fact I didn't even park it on my block because I didn't want people to know I had a new ride, but I guess I have some haters on other streets too.  People can't stand to see you with something nice - and it was somebody White or Hispanic cuz that's all I live around.  This is the second time my car has been f*cked with in a year.  Last time someone put peanuts in my gas tank and the shyt cost $700 to fix.  I couldn't put anything in the gas tank because it was clogged up with Planter's Peanuts.  Haters.  I'm glad I moved but my new place ain't no betta.  So now I have to pay $150 a month to park the damn thing in a garage so these thirsty vandals won't continue to mark up my shyt, PLUS I have to try to scrape up $2000 to get the car fixed right.  I swear other people are often the reason you stay broke in this damn world.  For real.

More shyt to talk to therapist about I  guess.

In other news...
I do need to get a new credit card to start building up my credit, but I am reading and some sites are saying that these cards are scams?  For the financially challenged like myself, I'm not trying to get scammed and get into something that will hurt me instead of help me.  I didn't hear anything really bad about Russell Simmon's Baby Phat card though.  I need something that is a credit builder, not just a card that I put my money like a debit card.  Some of these banks keep reporting me to the credit bureau so I had to write them a letter to tell them to get off my damn back.  Don't they know that Big Brother said I don't owe no mo' and it's illegal to keeping reporting me and making my credit score tank even further?

Anyway, I'm kinda cool dealing with the debit card.  I only use what I have in the bank, but I do need to get things back on track on the credit thing.  So I'm looking to see if Baby Phat is really all that.  If it ain't gonna build my credit then forget it.  If not, I gotta find something else or I'll wait to see what I get in the mail.  Gotta read that fine print though.  I hear the fees on cards issued to bankrupt folks are ridiculous and I don't want to get played - even by Russell Simmons.

Checkin' it out.....


  1. Hello

    Try these credit card companies. I used them to build my credit score. Credit One Bank, Continental Bank, Orchard Bank and First Premier Bank. The APR will be over 20% of course, thats the price u pay when u have no credit or bad credit.

  2. Could it have been your upstairs neighbors??

  3. ^I'm not sure if was the neighbor in the house. I think? It could have someone in the neighborhood. It's just tragic. I couldn't beleive that someone would do that to me.