Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From my phone...
I'm on the slave ship going home and FINALLY I see a cutie pie! Sitting right next to me. Ooh can I stare at you for these last two stops before I get off?  Whew! Not a brutha though.  Dominican, Cuban, or from Panama maybe?  Brown in all the right places....Oh he's getting off! Bye honey! Thank you for riding NJ Transit!  I love u!


  1. OOOWWEEEE! The fact that he is not a brutha doesn't deter me from looking! I appreciate all of the men God made. Brown one (my fave), black ones, yellow ones, tan ones, white ones... as long as there is no taco meat, I can hang!!!
    It would have been nice if you could have taken a pic and posted it. I loooove eye candy!

  2. Actually I saw him again tonight! What luck!!! Gurl it would have been hard to take a picture though. I looked through the windows to look at him so I wouldn't stare at him directly ya know. Fine. So fine.