Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day #189: It's Official...




I got my letter yesterday...

When I opened the letter my hands were confused and I couldn't open the envelope right at first.  I guess I was scared that the letter would say otherwise and tell me that they weren't giving me a pass,

"Sorry boo, but you're gonna have to pay that $90K back the best way you know how."

I've been thinking that way for the past four months.  Pessimistic as usual.  But the letter didn't say that and it's done. 

So how did I feel about it?   Would I be wrong if I said that I whispered, 


I silently cheered amongst the mailboxes at the Post Office where I get my mail.  Yeah that same mailbox that I dreaded opening sometimes.  I looked around at the other mailboxes in there that were probably filled with bills and bad news.  But not my mailbox son!!!!  Today I got some good news.  No credit cards, no business loans, no back rent to pay - nothing.  It's a wrap.

Yeah I gotta admit it's kinda cool to be debt free. 

My credit score ain't shyt right now but I can build it back up.  Still broke, but I'll be cool. 

So I'm movin' on to other thangs OPERATION SEXY.  

So goodbye to all you creditors!  You get no more love (and money) from me.



  1. Congrats
    So now you get a second chance - good for you! Spend wisely, as if I'm an expert ~SMILE~!!

    Another WTF moment?
    Former N.J. Assemblyman Neil Cohen pleads guilty in child-porn case

  2. WTF is right? Like the chick who they caught for shooting that couple.

    'I wanted to see what it was like to shoot somebody'.

    Man, she betta be glad she is locked up because people would beat her ass.

  3. i want that feeling and Ive actually contemplated and started the process. now i just hve to go for it. those lawyer fees is what kills me everytime i think about it. Hooray for you!