Friday, April 2, 2010

From my phone...Today I begin Operation Sexy, and what better day to start than Good Friday! Ill elaborate on that more lata.

Summer is coming and I need to get serious about the Broke Antidote plan that I blogged about last year. The plan to Meet A Man With Money in His Hand has gone cold. So I've resumed 'winking' at folks on to at least build a prospect list. One guy's profile pic showed him on a statue of a bull with his shirt off and some shorts. Even though I saw that nappy chest hair I winked anyways. Lol. He had an allirght body and his face looked okay. But that pic of him straddling that bull took me to nasty places in my mind as usual. I guess I just can't help myself. Its the Scorpio curse. I need to stay focused though on a dude's potential and not his pee pee.

I see this ex tonight I think. And I must be excited cuz I even curled my wig last night!


  1. OK, I can get with the bull straddling images, but the taco meat on his chest... unless he was open to waxing, that is a deal breaker... (of course if his pockets were fat, that would be a different story.)


  2. OMG Sassy that was funny!! LOL!!!!

    Yeah I don't like that taco meat on chests either. But you know what else was a bad sign? He had like 100 pics of himself on his profile. That's a sign that he might be feeling himself a little too much. But like I said, I winked anyway to be daring. A man that vain is probably just on Match to get his ego stroked. I'm not betting that much will happen with that.

  3. What happened to the picture of the taco meat!?!?!?! I was dying yesterday looking at that. I do think that if he has 100 pics of himself that he may be vain. And momma ain't got no time for that!!!

  4. Hey!!! Girl you are killing me!!! Oh I took it down to edit it. I'm putting it back up now. LOL.