Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 208: You Ain't Special


Why do people think that they are special or get a pass for being noisy because they have kids?

I used to be a teacher with a room full of kids and get this...you feelin' special is something created in your own damn mind.  You have to follow the rules like anyone else.  Nowhere in the law does it say that because 'kids are kids' that others have to put up with you and your brats.  Like last week I was on the slave ship going home and for 30 minutes this little girl sang songs until she got off the bus with her mother.  The playlist?  The Barney Song, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and Frosty The Snowman.  LOUD.  And Mom sat there and didn't utter a sound.  People were looking mad as hell.

I swear these assholes upstairs are driving me crazy.  I feel like I rented a room at The Chuck E. Cheese Hotel.  This place is f*ckin' zoo with dogs barking, kids screaming, and strollers in the hall and shyt. 

On Sunday I called the cops because they were blasting their music, on top of their kids running back and forth.  If I can't enjoy my apartment like I want, then you can't either dammit.  Since they got the eviction notice they are deliberately walking hard and making noise now.  Right now I don't give a f*ck about them and the fact that they have kids though.  Shyt, that was YOUR decision to have them - not mine.  I pay my hard earned money to live peacefully just like anyone else, and you need to keep your noise and hard walking to your damn self.   I understand that you might hear things occasionally, but every night?  It's like they have a schedule.  I swear I'm starting to dream about getting revenge on them. 

People are quick to try to say that I don't understand because I don't have kids.  Uh, I don't have to understand shyt about you and your kids.  All I understand is that I pay my rent and that I don't want to hear that hard ass walking every damn night.  I don't want to hear shyt dropping hard every night and every morning at 6am.  I mean even if they got a carpet it might muffle things a little, but they won't get it and then they choose to walk with hard shoes on.  So they think that I can't call the cops on that shyt?  Just watch dammit. 

I just went thru the bankruptcy, then I moved from that azzhole landlord, then my lawyers are giving me shade, and now this.  Now I have to come out of my pocket to try to move again?  I'm telling you, I'm getting real tired of this congested Jersey/NYC shyt.  This building is so lame that I can smell what other people are cooking for dinner!!!  What's the point?  I am really thinking that in the next two years I will head back to Chicago.  F*ck the bullshyt.

There ain't hardly any fine brothers out here anyway (well I don't see many where a I work usually).

Forget these old men too - (50 plus).  So if your name is Otis, Roy, Cornell, or Stanley - I'm probably not for you.  I rather have the salt and pepper on my salad than in your hair.  Older men are nice but they are too set in their ways.  Me no likey no mo'.


  1. Hi there!!! Stumbled across your blog when it came up in my list of recommended feeds and I've been creepin' ever since :)

    Couldn't agree with you more in that having kids does NOT (I repeat DOES NOT) give you a make noise for free pass.

    Drives me crrrrrrazy to see a parent allow their child to act a damn fool and I have kids so I can ONLY imagine the viewpoint from someone who doesn't.

    Sad thing is a lot of damn adults don't even have no home training and that's precisely why children lack it too.

  2. Thank the lawd, thank the lawd someone out there understands me!!! I'm glad you sent me this response because you have children and still can understand a little bit how not cool it is to let kids run and scream like monkeys.

    I'm glad you found my blog too. That made me smile that you come back to check it out. I don't get many readers so that means a lot!

  3. I'm about a year late in finding your post, but this one took the words right outta my mouth! Chicks talking about "Kids cry/make noise - get over it" Hell Naw!! I specifically chose NOT to have kids, so why in the world should I have to suffer because of yours? What if I said "I bust loud ass kids in the mouth - get over it... it's just what I do" LOL

    Anyway, love your blog. Can't wait to catch up on the rest of it.