Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Test! From my phone.

The Asian chick I sat next to on the bus yesterday mouth smelled like shyt!  She was sleeping and breathing heavy and I couldn't even concentrate on the music coming from my new IPhone.  She was causing interference with  my brain waves and was ruining it for me!  Man I was wishing that I had some tape to put over every hole on her damn face. 

Test test!


  1. follow mine too!

  2. I find it crazy that you had to file for bankruptcy and yet you can afford an iPhone and gym membership.

  3. I filed for Chapter 7 years ago and kep an apartment building, a private residence and about 7 cars. Research before you speak on an Iphone. LOL

  4. Thanks Yo Daddy for this comment!

    And thanks for following.

    (blows kiss)