Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Have Hate in My Heart Today...

Michael Muchioki and Nia Haqq

Two people shot in the head after coming home from their own engagement party.

I'll come and speak on it on my own blog because the local website that is reporting on this is straight tripping with fools and I think friends of the couple who are flagging everything anyone says.  It instantly vanishes.  So many people have said so many supportive things on this couple but someone on the site is flagging almost everything, especially if you respond to an ignoramous.  I mean seriously, flagging a few posts ain't changing anyone's line of thinking.  People want to speak out and you can't even do it on that dumb site.   

So here I am on my own thing talking 'bout it.  Can't flag me here, and I'm the President of this here blog and I moderate the comments so that's that.

Therefore I will divert from talking about myself on this post today, and just talk about how much I hate these fools who did this.  Yes, I hate that this happened, and I hate the people who justified it in their heads to attack these people and kill them over a car.

It sounds like it was some gang initiation bullshyt honestly.  I don't know, but I hate to hear this and I can't get it out of my mind right now.  Mike was 27 and Nia was 25.  No I didn't know them, but I have come to know them through the stories that I have read about them.  I think this guy even came into my store a few times too.   The stories and pictures kill my  Pure madness.

Two girls and a man are the suspects.  I repeat - two stupid azz girls!!! 

Why do we breed this killer mindset in the Black community?  This morning I had an image of myself driving down MLK Blvd in Jersey City in a big black tank and just shooting all those mothafuccas that stand out there late at night selling drugs and robbing people.  Then I had another image of me loading all of them up into a big truck and shipping their azzes to Afghanistan.  Chicken head girls included. Let's see how bad your azzes act when you get in the middle of that mess.   

I'm disgusted today.  For the past four days I have heard about this story and I am just angry and tired of hearing this shyt!!! 

WTF are we doing to each other?  We are killing each other and at the same time killing the image of ourselves in this society. 

The story of what happened is here - on Easter Sunday of all days.


  1. Hey Girlfriend
    At first I thought it was because of the saturation of the press for all the bad stuff I read and see on TV daily. But it's not, the level of senseless insanity and disasters natural and human is escalating. I'm generally an optimist (really) and I don't subscribe to a dooms day theory but my faith is at an all time low.
    Another story that boggles the mind is the Trenton 7 yr. old being gang raped and sold by her step sista - WTF. The daily violence being done to old folks by their family members and others including so called care givers. Unbelievable weekly "natural disasters" where the volume of death is unimaginable.
    I'm from Nwk. and returned to live there briefly a couple of years ago and it is wild. Every corner had a drug dealer most often a kid. Folks got shot 2 doors down and the feeling of being threaten by snot nosed gang members (male and female) at the local bodega was more common then the fear of being stopped by the cops and harassed. I find myself just trying hard to just keep the faith!

  2. Hey JB,

    Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes I LOATHE going to Jersey City. When you ride in Greenville it's like the Night of the Living Dead. The vibe just sucks all of the energy out of you.

    They caught the azzholes who did this today. Again I'll say it. Two dumb azz girls and one thug mothafucca. All 19 years old. Now that's when I say WTF!!!

    Dude was caught Tuesday for I think something else and then it all came out. But you know what, it ain't over. There will be more of this bullshyt this summer in JC.

  3. And thanks Sassyme. The three that were caught for this ought to be stoned to death. And the same for those grown azz men who raped that seven year old. I don't know WTF is going on with these young people!!!

  4. SMH... hearing stuff like this deeply saddens me. Model citizens killed for no apparent reason.