Saturday, April 3, 2010

Taco Meat Ain't Always Tasty

Someone sent a funny comment about the nappy chested man I winked at....
I might be wrong for this, but I just wanted y'all to see what I saw on this dude's dating profile.  This was the dude straddling the bull statue (last post).  

So would that hair be a deal breaker?  I didn't realize that the taco meat was on his stomach too....hmmmm.  I bet his booty has hair all over it too.  His face is okay though.  40 years old. 


All I did was wink for now.  He had a LOT of pics with his shirt off in his profile, so he might be feelin' himself a bit.   Hmmmm....


  1. No Deal!!!! Cause he is kinda fat too. If he was cut like Shemar or Taye or even Terry Crews I maybe could give him a pass. The dude I am checkin' out is 42 and he looks better than that without his shirt.

    So, wink for a few good meals and movies or ball games, but don't get freaky with him, unless you want rug burn on your chest and on your back! LOL (I really need to stop! ;)

  2. Rug burn!!! OMG!!! That's crazeee. Yeah he is sucking that gut in, and then he got all shined up for the picture too.

    Nah girl ain't goin' there. I just winked. On winks get passed out like it ain't nuthing. But I sent him a messsage cuz brutha man only wants to date 24 to 36 year olds! I told him that I didn't fit his bill, so I gracefully bowed out. Maybe I should change mine to stay with the young bucks?